Complete Restoration with Silver Plate or Lacquer Finish

Cornet - Trumpet£545.00
Flugel Horn£595.00
Tenor Trombone£650.00
Rotary Trombone£750.00
Bass Trombone£850.00
Tenor Horn£900.00
Euphonium 3v£1095.00
Euphonium 4v£1250.00
EEb Bass 3v£2200.00
EEb Bass 4v£2750.00
BBb Bass 3v£2750.00
BBb Bass 4v£2950.00
Single French Horn£1750.00
Double French Horn£2000.00

Mouthpiece Restoration with Silver Plate Finish

Cornet - Trumpet£30.00
Flugel - Tenor Horn£32.50
Baritone - Trombone£35.00
Euph - Bass Trombone£40.00
Bass - Tuba£45.00

All Prices are exclusive of Vat & any necessary component parts

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