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S.A. Euphonium 100 yrs old.

21st November 2020
Steven Mead....."Steven Mead purchased a very old euphonium, dated circa 1915, from a friend, in October 2017. It was in a very poor condition indeed. Steve could see from the markings it was manufactured at St Albans near London, for the Salvation Army. It was the model: Class A The Triumph. He called his good friend Rick McQueeney at McQueen's Musical Instrument Repairs in Manchester and a complete

Sovereign Cornet

1st November 2020
This Round Stamped Sovereign Cornet suffered horrific damage after the devastated owner reversed over the instrument. Holding a great deal of sentimental value, she insisted it had to be restored as opposed to being replaced with new. A very challenging task to say the least and a highly delighted customer with the outcome.Heather Clark-Coates....."Words cannot describe how devastated I was when I

Gilded Lacquer

1st November 2020
McQueens team have spent months of trialling various lacquers and colour tones and finally settled with our unique "Gilded Lacquer".  Our Gilded Lacquer provides an extremely intense finish that has a great degree of durability and resistant to damage, A stunning finish that makes your beloved instrument stand out in the crowd.

Silver Plate

1st November 2020
Electroplating: Silver plating involves submerging the substrate into a bath of silver ions. After passing an electric current through the solution, the ions deposit onto the part's surface, coating it in your chosen metal - in this case, silver.
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